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PF 96

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PF 96 in action:

Working on a ring made out of wax.

Milling Machine PF 96

The milling machine PF 96 offers a rotating spindle. It can be used with any rotating tools like drills, grinding and polishing tools. The speed can be adjusted electronically and the view onto the working field is excellent. The machine features a working table with a size of 160 x 160 mm. The speed of the spindle can be electronically adjusted from 300 to 4000 rpm.


Technical product information:

  • Base: 195 x 360 mm, weight 12 kg approx.
  • Power requirements: 220 V or 110 V, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 125 Watt
  • On request with foot switch and a collecting tray for chips


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